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Our innovative dinette eliminates pain in the you-know-where.
Presenting the dinette, reconsidered: the BenchMark™ Full Comfort Dinette. In place of the customary slab of foam, its seats feature innerspring construction like that found in fine furniture. The result is exceptionally comfortable dining — and since the BenchMark converts instantly from a dinette to a comfortable bed — exceptionally comfortable sleeping as well.

And unlike ordinary dinettes that use side doors or drawers for storage, the BenchMark’s seats tilt up, providing easy access to the storage underneath (as well as 100% more storage than a similar dinette with side-drawer access). Dining, sleeping or storing, the BenchMark Full Comfort Dinette leaves you sitting pretty.
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Rest assured: there’s nothing like the Sleep Number® Bed by Select Comfort™—only from Winnebago Industries.
Now motor home owners can get the same restful night’s sleep that millions of home owners enjoy: The queen-size Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort is now available on select Winnebago models.

Using the hand-held remote controls on each side of the bed, you can quickly and independently adjust the mattress firmness to your ideal level of comfort and support by dialing in your Sleep Number — Your Key to a Perfect Night’s Sleep.™
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The StoreMore® slideout system and KeyOne™ make storage plentiful, convenient and easily accessible.
The StoreMore slideout system is the industry’s premium slideout. Its advanced design allows the weight of the room to be carried by large steel rails (some competitors rely on the floor and sidewall to carry the weight).

The storage compartments themselves are roomy, well-lit and weatherproof. They extend with the slideout, so you won’t have to wrench your back — or retract the slideout — every time you want access to your gear. And, thanks to our KeyOne System, you won’t have to carry a pocketful of keys, either. One key opens just about everything, from exterior storage compartments to the entrance door. So the only thing jingling in your pocket is spare change.
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RV Radio®: designed for RVers.
Now you can enjoy high-quality sound from a dash-mounted stereo system that is actually easy to operate. Our engineers worked with the radio manufacturer to develop the RV Radio, the first unit designed exclusively for RVs. Large buttons and easy-to-operate controls put its AM/FM stereo, cassette player and CD player at your fingertips. And the built-in weather band gives you instant weather updates at the touch of a button.
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Say good-bye to wrestling power cords and water hoses through small holes: The new QuickPort™ Service Connection Hatch makes hookups a snap—and helps keep your service area clean and tidy.
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Superior structural design plus precision-engineered Thermo-Panel® sidewalls produce a coach of lasting beauty.
Often, it’s what you can’t see that’s most important. Take our SuperStructure® construction. Unlike some manufacturers, we use steel, not wood, to create a strong, durable cab substructure. And while some competitors use rubber gaskets to hold the windshield to the fiberglass cap, we mount our windshields securely in steel with nonhardening sealants, just like an automobile. By using an advanced laser alignment system when mounting the cab to the chassis, we ensure a sturdy, square foundation. And we e-coat major steel components to resist rust and corrosion.

Our Thermo-Panel sidewall and roof design pressure bonds the exterior skin, lauan backing and EPS block foam to the walls’ aluminum framework, while our unique interlocking sidewall and roof joint design ensures that the weight is carried by the metal substructure, not by a few attaching screws (like some competitors’ models). The overall result is a stronger, more durable motor home. And a little extra peace of mind for you.
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